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Quality of life is only one ‘cell’ away…

At the core, we are only made up of cells and biological interactions called enzyme processes. Our clients cellular-level issues have primarily been undigested proteins, fats and sugars (just because we ingest food doesn’t mean we digest it); bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections from poor diet; build-up of uric acid and toxic bowel crystals both of which cause inflammation throughout the body; and lack of oxygen in the cells (the cause of oxidative stress).

Clients have resolved their issues by following our full-body protocol, which involves flushing the body, resetting & rebuilding the immune system utilizing ionic and infrared detox methods and plant-based enzymes via our 35-Day Detoxes, and retaining & sustaining results for long-term success with nutrigenomics.

These are just a few faces of success…

Kelly Russell came to us with fibromyalgia and her grandson (Little Man) had lack of energy, concentration and gut issues — both of their problems are on the way to being solved.

Melissa Bruno, a former nurse, decided to check us out when nothing was helping her severe gut and inflammation issues. After completing our 35-Day GI Support Program her gut health has improved and inflammation has reduced.

Sandy Walker has gut inflammation issues, which she is resolving with our anti-parasitic supplement, our THC-free hemp oil and our ionic and infrared detox methods.

When Donna Brown, who was referred by her friend, walked into the Spa it was painful for her to sit down and get back up. She gave our detox foot bath combo and live blood analysis a try. When she was done with the foot bath her knees popped, and she could properly bend them for the first time in awhile! Her live blood analysis revealed she has bowel toxicity (IBS), which can be linked to joint pain and inflammation.

Samantha Lucas had gout and visceral fat; she destroyed both after completing our 35-Day Mini Cleanse Detox, which focuses on flushing the gut, liver and kidneys, while providing broad-based enzymatic support to each.

Chewanna Harvey wanted a healthier gut and to kick her diabetes — both goals were achieved with our 35-Day Mini Cleanse Detox.

Janet Thorpe (middle left) came to us with severe hives, and her situation has improved by 80% after finishing our 35-Day Detox Diet, and she’s lost close to 20 lbs. in the process. Big up’s to Janet!

Tina Sosville has intense inflammation throughout her body, and relief is now in sight with our 35-Day Mini Cleanse Detox.

Sabrina Ensley is pregnant, had a tightness in her throat and 1-2 bowel movements a week. Today, her throat is clear, and she has daily bowel movements thanks to our GI support supplements, which flush the gut, restore flora and allow for the absorption of nutrients from food ingested.

Another 35-Day Mini Cleanse Detox Champ is Cyndi Toupin Willoughby, who wanted to lose weight and maintain it, so she did and is down 20 lbs. with cheat days here and there.

Judy Miller (top) wanted weight loss, regular bowel movements and more energy. She got rid of it all, including 20 lbs, with our 35-Day Detox Diet. Judy even brought her sister Julie Hoensheid, who also resolved her gut issues and lost 20 lbs. plus brought her daughters, Brittany Miller and Amanda Eller, and niece Jenna Schneider, a health and wellness coach, to the spa as new clients/35-Day Detoxers.


Patrice Turner had intense sugar cravings, infrequent bowel and failing eyesight. She’s improved in all areas thanks to our 35-Day Mini Cleanse Detox.

Judy Childers (left) had low energy and circulation, and now has vastly improved energy and circulation. Her daughter-in-law Sherrie Arb (right) lost 20 lbs. with our Detox Diet and is maintaining it; whereas before she couldn’t budge her weight no matter how hard she worked out.

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