Our Team of Healers

our staff provides personal Experience, Knowledge & Caring plus passion!

Anthony Beven, Cellular-Level Regeneration Expert, Certified Live Blood Analyst & 35-Day Detox Program Manager

Cellular-level Regeneration Expert and Biohacker Anthony Beven is a certified live blood analyst, detox specialist and spa owner of Detox Day Spa, located a mile past the Great Lakes Crossing Mall on Baldwin Road. At his Spa, Anthony utilizes holistic assessment and analysis, as well as internal and external detox methods for his clients. Anthony and the Spa’s programs and services have been featured in print and online media stories, as well as radio and T.V. media. He has been featured as a subject matter expert on nationally syndicated The Dr. Nandi Show, Detroit talk radio show “Empowered” with Angela Moore on 910AM, FOX2 Detroit, as well as The Oakland Press, Metro Detroit Mommy blog, Connect4Hope blog, dBusiness and others. Anthony, a former marketing executive in the biotech industry who holds a double B.A. in sociology and anthropology from Oakland University, has quickly forged a name for himself in the growing bio-hacking and cellular-regeneration industry. He detoxed his own body of both HIV and cancer after modern medical treatments flushed his body of disease, but left his immune system dying at 23 T-cells, our frontline defender in our white blood cell group. After a body pH test and live blood cell analysis, Anthony will create a custom detox protocol for clients. He has two dietary and lifestyle tracts: Plant-based & Keto-transitional. He utilizes 100% whole food, plant-based supplements that provide enzyme support for absorption. For external detox, the Spa offers machine reflexology foot massages, ionic detox foot baths, high-pressure/heated water bed for lymphatic movement, infrared sauna, ionic high pH alkaline water and his newest modality: microcurrent detox.

Victoria Harshall, Essential Oils Mentor & Consultant

Victoria helped heal her mother of gut issues from laxative use through essential oils, and is now a leading doTERRA representative, one of the largest essential oil companies in the world. She is available for consultation on essential oils, including cost and sale of starter kits, advanced mixes and individual bottle replacements. She is also knowledgeable about doTERRA’s personal care products, including lotions, laundry detergent, hand soaps, deodorants and more. She is available by appointment only.

Diane, Spiritual Adviser & Healer

Diane, whose ability is rooted in her Christian faith, has been able to connect with messages from the spiritual world since she was a young girl. A few of her areas of expertise are health scans and hypnosis and past-life regressions, which remove mental, emotional and spiritual barriers that can prevent transcendence on a mind, body and spiritual level. Diane provides readings, as well as healings through prayer and spiritual cleansing techniques. She is available by appointment only.

Janice Valitutti, Beauty Expert

Janice, who performs event facials for parties of 4 or more at the spa, is a 30-year veteran of the beauty industry, having worked for some of the largest names in the beauty care industry. Janice herself lives a non-toxic lifestyle as much as any of us can, and has in-depth knowledge of how diet, water intake and detox techniques can benefit the skin. The skincare line used at the spa is RD Alchemy, which is 98% natural with no sulfates or parabens and are non-GMO. She is available by appointment only.