Our Team of Healers

Experience, Knowledge & Caring plus passion!

Anthony Beven (Spa Owner)

Anthony was diagnosed with HIV in July 2016, and a month later his entire body went into inflammation. A few months later, he was diagnosed with early-stage anal cancer. He fought his way back from 20 T-cells, the frontline defense of our immunity, to 900 through a holistic detox focused on his gut. Approximately 80% of our immunity is there. He is a 10-year veteran of internal and external body cleanses and detoxes, including juice diets, salt water flushes, fasting, plant-based meals and more. Prior to this, he was a digital marketing executive and consultant for Fortune 500 companies.

Vicki Pavlish (Certified Health Coach – Nutritional Blood Work & Internal Detox Supplement Program)

Vicki is a passionate person who appreciates health and life. She has been a licensed dental hygienist since 1992, and ever since her love for health has grown. She is also a certified health coach in nutritional microscopy (blood work). Her own children’s health journeys led her to help others. Her daughter, in particular, was diagnosed with severe anxiety and select mutism at age 3. Through her own research, Vicki discovered her daughter had an autoimmune disease causing her body pH to be very acidic and nutritionally deficient due to not absorbing what she was ingesting. Through Vicki’s guidance, her daughter is now excelling.

Victoria Harshall (Essential Oils Mentor & Consultant)

Victoria helped heal her mother of gut issues from laxative use through essential oils, and is now a leading doTERRA representative, one of the largest essential oil companies in the world. She is available for consultation on essential oils, including cost and sale of starter kits, advanced mixes and individual bottle replacements. She is also knowledgable about doTERRA’s personal care products, including lotions, laundry detergent, hand soaps, deodorants and more. She is available to meet with prospective clients once a week.

Janice Valitutti (Beauty Expert)

Janice is a 30-year veteran of the beauty industry, having worked for some of the largest names in the beauty care industry. Janice herself lives a non-toxic lifestyle as much as any of us can, and has in-depth knowledge of how diet, water intake and detox techniques can benefit the skin. The skincare line used at the spa is RD Alchemy, which is 98% natural with no sulfates or parabens and are non-GMO. She is available Sundays by appointment only.

Diane (Spiritual Adviser & Healer)

Diane has been able to connect with messages from the spiritual world since she was a young girl. Diane provides readings as well as healings through prayer and spiritual cleansing techniques. She is available by appointment only.