Our Approach

EXTERNAL DETOX: DETOX Activation, Flushing & Hydration


We start with a pH test to measure the acidity level in your body. Most clients have high acidity rates in their bodies due to a high level of toxic build-up in their bodies. A body pH of 4-5 is very acidic, while 7 is neutral; and 8.5-9 is the desired state where no cancer or disease can live.

At the Spa, we work to reduce inflammation through machine massage. We have foot machine massages for neuropathy, plantar fasciitis and reflexology. We also have our full-body machine massage, which applies high-pressured/heated water from head to toe.

After the circulation has been opened up and toxins in the body has been loosened, we will extract them. The areas of the body we can pull toxins from include the feet, the armpits and the face.

We start with a detox (ionic foot) bath. We attach you to the machine via your wrist, and then you put your feet in the water. Then we attach an ionizer device to the machine and put it in the water with your feet (no, you won’t get electrocuted!). The ionizer will release positive and negative ions into the water, which will be asborbed into your feet forcing them to release heavy metals, fat, acid, oil and other toxins throughout the 30-min process.

During the process you will feel a slight pull on the bottom of your feet, and when the process is complete you will literally feel like you are “walking on air” as many of our clients say. This method of extraction immediately reduces inflammation, soreness and stiffness in the feet.

After the feet, we move to HydroMassage and then the infrared sauna (the next detox extraction point). In the infrared sauna, you will sweat out toxins at 150+ degrees. The deep heating infrared heaters will raise your core body temperature. One of the biggest infrared sauna health benefits is its ability to increase your blood circulation and stimulate the sweat glands, releasing built-up toxins in the body.

Infrared saunas are effective at improving one’s overall health and wellness by helping to boost the immune system, aiding with detoxification, improving sleep, reducing stress, increasing metabolism, and improving heart health among other health and wellness benefits.

The final extraction point is our detoxifying facials, which are optional and only available on Sundays. Our beauty expert cleanses, steams and removes toxins from the face using our non-toxic facial mask line (RD Alchemy). She then applies toner to the face. The process is renewing to say the least.

Flush & Hydration

Like any detox process, some good comes out with the bad. We do offer nutrient replacement (or bioflavonoid therapy) with most of our combos and packages. This is a jelly substance which is ingested from small, tester spoons after the detox process.

Just as importance as the actual toxin extraction is the hydration and flushing part of the process. Throughout your session you will will be provided with alkaline water. One cup per area, with the exception of the infrared sauna where we will provide you with 2-3 cups of AK water.

In addition, we include a 2.5 gallon of AK water with most of a combos and packages for your flush process at home. The water must be finished within 2-3 days and can be consumed by drinking the water, making your coffee with it, cooking with it, etc.

AK water tastes like water, because it is water. The difference between fresh filtered AK water, which we provide, and tap water or bottled water is that 99.9 percent of contaminants are removed from the water.

The difference between fresh filtered AK water and store bought brands are the H2 antioxidants, which are only active in the water for 3-4 days. The tiny size and solubility of H2 antioxidants makes them the only antioxidants capable of passing through cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier. Inside the cell, where free-radicals do the most damage, the power of molecular hydrogen becomes a literal life-saver.

AK water helps neutralize acid in the bloodstream, which leads to increased oxygen levels and improved energy and metabolism. It contains antioxidant properties (anti-aging and anti-disease), and most important, it cleanses the colon and is great for the skin. In addition, while some toxins are removed during the extraction procedures others must be flushed with urination and bowel movements.

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