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This group is for Detox Day Spa clients who participate or have participated in our 35-Day Detox or Online Detox Programs. It provides an opportunity ...

Hey there.

Thanks for joining me from the digital comfort of your cell phone, tablet or desktop.

I’m Anthony Beven, and I have a story to share. A story that will hopefully inspire, educate and most important, EMPOWER you to understand the most common types of dysfunction that occurs inside of our bodies on the cellular-level, how to course correct and then sustain your own success without having to seek super expensive guidance from a medical or alternative/holistic doctor.


Besides this, approximately 12 MILLION people are misdiagnosed each year, according to 2014 government research and figures. So, I ask you — why not do it yourself? You’re probably thinking I’m crazy. I’m not. It’s possible. I did it for myself, and I’ve coached hundreds of others in their transition from the managed care system to the self-care approach. And while today I’m a holistic health practitioner, I have the unique perspective of patient and provider.


Here’s my story

In the summer of 2016, I was diagnosed with HIV. A month and a half later my entire body went into inflammation — my top and bottom eyelids, ears, throat, chest, pelvic region, behind my knees and feet. The doctors dismissed it. I didn’t. I kept pushing them telling them something else was going on inside of my body. “No, we are trained to know your body better than you.” That’s what I heard after doctors told me nothing additionally was wrong with me. I was persistent, because I knew that wasn’t the case. I’d never felt this way before.

Finally, after being referred out to three different MD specialists, I made it to an ENT. She told me the other doctors had diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis. I broke down in tears of desperation. She put her hand on my knee, and said she was going to help diagnose me. She put a scope up my nose to determine if there was “dark” or “fresh” mucus. She told me it was fresh mucus and then asked what was going on inside of my gut. I told her pain. She sent me back to my HIV primary-care physician (PCP) for a colonoscopy. Instead, they began with an anal pap smear. I had an aggressive form of stage 0 anal cancer with two large transformation areas.

Shortly after starting a harsh HIV medication that gave me non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, I also began intense anal cancer treatments. The cancer treatments involved acid — which destroyed the transformation cells, along with healthy cells — and was absorbed into my gut. My gut lining stripped and gut integrity was severely compromised. This left bad yeast and GI bacteria to overgrow. At the end, I was left with 23 T-cells, the frontline defender in our white blood cell group. Healthy T-cell count is 1,000-1,500. After all my doctor appointments, medications and treatments, I had AIDS, a category you fall into when you dip below 200 T-cells.

I was worse off than before, and the doctors offered a protocol of the Gardasil vaccine and chemo pills. I quickly said no to that. I needed something drastic — something that would quick yet effectively. “That’s not something we do” is what the doctors told me. I was told I would need to seek out a holistic or natural approach.

Before I got sick, I wasn’t a nice person. I was self-involved, superficial-focused and stupidly careless with my health. I did, however, ask God to save my life. In return, I told him I would live my life for him. He guided me to the knowledge I needed to detox my body. As a former healthcare journalist and marketing executive in the biotech industry, I knew a lot already and what didn’t know I could research. I scoured websites, message boards, blogs and more to find my way to a vegan diet, plant-based supplements and detox activities like ionic detox foot baths, lymphatic drainage massage and infrared sauna sessions.

After a few months of changing it up, I went back to my HIV PCP for blood work. When it came back they told me I was at 889 T-cells. They asked what I did. I told them. They said what I said I did was not possible to do on my own. I smiled to myself, because I knew it was. Shortly after, I opened up Detox Day Spa, where I offer the same external detox protocol, supplements and plant-based meal plans that I utilized. As a certified live blood analyst and detox specialist, hundreds of clients have had success with my in-spa program. I receive calls from all over the country asking when I’m going to open a detox spa in their city. Now, there’s an option for anyone and everyone with my online detox program.

Noelle Powell
Joe Reese

What this courses provides...

  • This course takes you through understanding of key parts of our anatomy, organ function, how the organs work together, the complete immune system, collagen production, enzyme functionality, how-to build healthy protein for sustainable muscle, mitochondria function, genetic disorders affecting the body’s ability to properly detox and more.
  • The course also covers dysfunction on the cellular-level due to cell debris — such as Candida/bad yeast overgrowth, Epstein Barr virus, parasites, bad GI bacteria, uric acid build-up and more — as well as plant-based dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.
  • In this course, you’ll learn about why hormonal imbalances occur within the body, and how to naturally address them through diet, mineral restoration and supplements.
  • An overview of body purge during a detox, and what detox symptoms one can expect and how long they usually last.
  • Also included as part of this course is how-to successfully undergo cancer treatments and then move into a phase of body flush, immune system reset and rebuild.

What to expect upon completion of my course...

  • Solid knowledge to understand what doctors tell you so you can work collaboratively on a solution for your health.
  • Knowledge on how-to utilize natural remedies daily life, i.e. stomach issues, hormonal imbalances, sinus pressure headaches, joint pain/inflammation, brain fog/lack of focus and more.
  • Understanding of what detox therapies exist, what’s best to address certain conditions and the frequency at which they can safely be utilized.
  • A transition to a healthy, happier lifestyle as free as possible from toxic food, water and personal-care products.
  • An understanding of quality vs. low-quality supplements, and different supplements to address specific issues inside of the body.

Everything that’s included...

  • 15 modules that take you through detox, transition and full acclamation to a non-toxic lifestyle.
  • A resource library that includes a detox guide, shopper guide, plant-based dietary guides (vegan and 80/20), essential oil guide and supplement recommendations.
  • Access to a Facebook client group for questions, support and additional information, such as plant-based recipes.
  • Email and web chat support, Monday-Friday during EST business hours.
  • Weekly whiteboard group coaching calls.

My story, which has been featured nationally on the Dr. Nandi Show, radio, news websites, blogs and more, is not unique. I know that, because I’ve met and coached others like myself with similar stories. I’ve helped them to understand what’s happening inside their body on cellular level, detox their systems and reboot their immune systems; in the end, they have become their OWN health expert.

Client Testimonials

I’ve assisted clients who were relatively healthy but wanted to level up and lose a few pounds; clients with severe joint pain and swelling; clients with thyroid, parathyroid or other hormonal imbalances; clients with bowel irregularity (either too much or too little); clients with genetic defects like MTHFR (our detox gene); and clients with chronic illnesses like cancer, HIV/AIDS, diverticulitis, celiac disease, lupus, Crohn’s Disease, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cystic Fibrosis and more.
Noelle Powell
I know what you’re thinking right now: “If he did it himself, I can do it by myself, too.” Well, you can but expect to spend the same 4 years or possibly longer than I did understanding what happened to me, how-to fix it and how to maintain my results. I did all of the research for you, and it’s all in one place. TAKE advantage of all the information I’ve condensed and sequenced for you!
Joe Reese

You get all of this for introductory pricing of