35-day Mini Cleanse – $500

This program is inclusive of a two-hour, full-body detox package:

  • 30-min. foot massage
  • 30-min. detox foot bath
  • 30-min. HydroMassage session
  • 30-min. Infrared Sauna session
  • Bioflavonoid therapy (nutrient replacement)
  • 2.5 gallon of alkaline water for take-home flush & hydration
    • Two alkaline water refills

Our $64.99 Express-spa package:

  • 30-min. reflexology machine massage
  • 30-min. detox foot bath
  • 60-min. HydroMassage session
  • 30-min. infrared sauna session

Plus a 30-Day daily supplement regiment:

  • Filtrate (Liver & Kidney)
  • Alkaline Accelerate (pH balance)
  • Gut Flush
  • GI Enzymes
  • Gut Guard

And our Mini-Cleanse Diet Program!

Mini-Cleanse Plus – $750

  • Our supplements
  • Full-spa package
  • Two, 30-min. detox foot baths
  • Weekly alkaline water refills
  • Mini-Cleanse Diet Program
  • Blood work consultation/work-up before the start of the program
  • Comprehensive blood work-up after completion of the program to track progress

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