Microcurrent Therapy


As humans we are made up of cells and energy. The food we eat either helps our cells to express or suppress energy conversion (ATP). Alkaline foods are considered “electric,” and help to express ATP. Acidic foods, which are commonly processed, meats, dairy and eggs, suppress ATP.

Like soundwave frequencies, there is similarly a detoxifying power in magnets. They have been used for their detox properties since ancient times. This specific type of detox works like this: a magnetic current relaxes blood vessels to increase blood flow to areas of inflammation, which is the precursor to infection, and the longer infection sits in the body it will turn into cancer or chronic illness. We know that blood flow brings two important things – oxygen and nutrient distribution via the red blood cells.

Microcurrent can be used to supplement additional medically-prescribed protocols for pain reduction, improved bone regeneration, wound healing acceleration and muscle and/or fascia pain. During a microcurrent detox session, you may feel a slight prickly feeling, but you may not. You do not need to feel the current for it to be effective as a supplemental therapy.

Microcurrent works with one/millionth of an amp. The current is too small to activate sensory nerves. The small amperage is the same frequency at which our body’s tissues already work. If a specific frequency is applied to supplement a specific condition (the Spa’s microcurrent device has 96 different programs) it will “reboot” the tissues so that the body can work to supplementally restore health. Maintaining a stable state must then be done through proper nutrition and avoiding toxins. Refer to our 35-Day Detox Programs.

Prior to microcurrent detox therapy sessions, individuals should increase water intake (32 ounces two hours before and after a session), eat antioxidant fruits (i.e. berries) or take an antioxidant supplement, eat citrus fruit or take a vitamin C supplement, soak your feet or full body in Epsom or pink Himalayan sea salt.

If these suggestions are utilized then detox symptoms may be minimized. If not, toxins stuck in body tissue are mobilized and a “detox effect” can occur that includes flu-like symptoms, headaches, nausea, general achiness, loose stool or diarrhea or Even vomit in extreme cases. The body is purging toxins, also known as “cell debris” from the body. In extreme chronic or cancer situations, detox effect symptoms may occur despite incorporating recommendations.

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