35-Day Detoxes


Our 35-Day Detox starts with either live blood analysis, also known as nutritional blood work, to determine:

  • How well you are digesting proteins, fats and sugars.
  • Detect the presence of harmful cell debris, such as parasites, candida, mold, heavy metals, uric acid, etc.
  • Determine mineral deficiencies causing or contributing to hormonal imbalances.

There are two options for analysis & consultation – $50 for 45 min. or $75 for an hour.

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First and foremost, this is a lifestyle change program — not a diet or weight-loss program (although weight loss is a great side benefit). Prospective clients have to want change in their eating habits, personal-care products and overall approach to life.

Our 35-Day programs are a full-body flush, reset and rebuild that addresses dysfunction at every level, from the gut to liver and kidneys. Programs are not specific to any one dysfunction. They work to resolve any issue, although many times clients are experiencing several cellular-level issues at the same time.

Our programs include:

  • 30-day supply of whole-food, plant-based, cold-pressed supplements with instruction on how and when to take supplements.
  • Access to an online Facebook client support group, which includes program guides, recipes, Q & A and more.
  • Coaching during weekly 90-min. detox sessions, which include reflexology machine foot massage, ionic detox foot baths, high-pressured heated waterbed massage, infrared sauna and alkaline water flushes.
  • Weekly biometric weigh-in’s to track progress of key markers, including body water, protein, muscle mass and more.
  • The opportunity to become your own health expert through education, empowerment and inspiration.


Upon completion of our 35-Day programs clients have reported resolution of diabetes II, digestive issues, join pain and inflammation, weight issues, hormonal imbalances and energy issues. Clients have also gotten off medication, saved on grocery bills and refocused their lives.

This program is for those who are serious about change. The results are real if you put forth the required effort. You will be given the tools, resources and roadmap to make sustainable change in your life, so utilize them well.


Vegan – This program cuts meat, dairy, processed food and sugars, breads and pastas; leaving you with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, etc. 

80/20 – Same as above, but you can keep only lean meats in your diet, including turkey, chicken and fish.

In either option you will follow rhythmic eating:

  • 5 AM-Noon: You eat only fruits. Eat a variety and as much as you want, but only fruits are consumed.
  • Noon-4 PM: You eat salads, raw/uncooked vegetables as snacks.
  • 4-8 PM: You can eat nuts, grains, steamed vegetables. You won’t consume food past 8 PM.


  • ID & Tracking – Live blood analysis and biometric weigh-in’s help to motivate clients, while allowing for any course correction in terms of diet, personal-care products or supplement intake.
  • Enzymes – As we hit our 40s and beyond, we lose half of our enzyme functionality. We need enzymes to help us digest proteins, fats and sugars; otherwise, we store them. Our supplements are either enzymes in-and-of-themselves or have enzyme delivery systems for maximum absorption.
  • External Detoxing – Any structured detox program should include methods for getting toxins out of the body, and the only way that is going to occur is by sweat, urination and bowel movements. Our external detox therapies activate and aid in this.
  • Cost & Maintenance – On average, programs cost between $500-$750 depending on cellular-level issues that exist. Maintenance costs are minimal with staying on a probiotic, digestive enzyme and B-complex.


Pricing for programs are case-by-case and only determined after analysis & consultation appointments; however, program costs range from $500-$750.

Payment plans are available with half down and the remaining balance due at mid-point of the program.

Discounts are applied to programs paid in full at the time of purchase.

Book online below or call (248) 791-3936.

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