Hi, I’m Anthony, founder of Detox Day Spa. I have a unique ability to help you heal through a method called live blood analysis and detox coaching. I flushed my body, reset and rebuilt my own immune system after back-to-back HIV and cancer diagnoses and treatments in 2016-2017 left it devastated at 23 T-cells, the frontline defender in our white blood cell group. A T-cell count under 200 also means you have AIDS.
If you’ve tried it own your own, sought out medical doctors, dieticians, nutritionists or holistic practitioners, I can help you.

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Not only was I dealing with HIV and cancer, but my body was in complete cellular-level break down. My organs weren’t working as they should. Harmful cell debris, such as candida and parasites, were growing and ravaging me from the inside-out. I had limited cellular-level functionality to create basic processes of life, including enzyme function, metabolism; even digestion, excretion and respiration was difficult.

To save my own life, I had to trust and listen to my body despite being told by my doctor that she knew my body better than I did. Every “body” is different. I researched the best reviewed supplements, read blogs from those who went through similar experiences, scoured message boards and game-planned it. By combining supplements, plant-based eating, higher pH water and external detox therapies, I activated the detox mechanism within my body to allow for healing. Read more about my story Here .

My protocol and guidance has helped thousands of clients understand their own cellular-level dysfunctions, how-to address them and get back on track. Clients have resolved common medical diagnoses, such as diabetes, back pain, IBS and related digestive issues, anxiety, allergy and sinus issues, thyroid and other hormonal imbalances, respiratory problems, fibromyalgia, depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme Disease, UTI’s and more.

I can guide you through the same process to get your body back to health and healing. Visit Our Mission Page for more information.

Cellular-level Regeneration Expert: Anthony Beven