It wasn't my lifelong dream to create a detox business...

there were greater forces at work


In 2016, I was a marketing executive, and before that I worked a journalist. My degree is from Oakland University — a double B.A. in sociology and anthropology with a minor in journalism. Today, I’m a certified live blood analyst and detox specialist, and founder of Detox Day Spa. Basically, I’m a cellular-level regeneration expert and biohacker. I’m currently a MA candidate for the Clinical Nutrition Program at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences.

So… how did I come to open my detox business? In July 2016, I was diagnosed with HIV. I was infected by ex-partner. He told me about six months into our relationship that he was HIV+, and he was on-and-off his meds which lessens their impact against the virus. I was depressed and had intense sugar cravings (later I would discover cancer cells thrive and survive off sugar). A month and a half after my HIV diagnosis, my whole body went into inflammation. I felt as though the HIV turned to AIDS. Mentally, I was preparing for death as I could feel the cells in my body dying.

I was very sick from August 2016 until June 2017. I constantly felt fatigued. I had three back-to-back, major sinus infections that caused my body to be inflamed for 3-4 weeks each infection. My eyelids (top and bottom) were swollen. My lymph nodes, which are our immune system’s alarm for infection, in my neck were swollen and impacting my ears. I couldn’t eat anything but soup and light foods, like bananas and rice. I had childhood asthma that reset during this period, and I had trouble breathing — particularly at night when I would choke on my breath. I was in a lot of pain and scared.

Doctors said I was having allergy attacks then sinus then chronic sinusitis. I went to an ENT specialist in South Florida, where I was living at the time, and she put a scope up my nose. “This isn’t chronic sinusitis. This is fresh mucus. What other pain are you having and where?” She asked me. I told her I was having sharp pains in my gut and my lower back. She informed me that 80% of our immunity is in our gut. Invasive and diagnostic testing from my PCP showed I had early-stage anal cancer in March 2017.

I didn’t know this at the time, but excessive swelling of the lymph nodes most times signals cancer. The cancer developed from HPV my ex-boyfriend also spread to me. The treatment involved inserting an acid roller inside of me to burn away the irregular cells along with the lining inside my cavity. My colorectal specialist did this treatment twice. For 2-3 days after each treatment, I had watery and bloody bowel movements that left me feeling like my body was nearing death mode due to excreting my good gut bacteria along with blood and waste.

OTC sinus drugs were not helping me. The acid treatments were further destroying my fragile immune system; I was left with 23 T-cells, our frontline defender in our immune system. A T-cell count below 200 means you have AIDS (a healthy count is 1,000-1,500). I knew I had to fight back, and I did. Within a few weeks of trial-and-error of holistic remedies, I found a regiment that worked for me — plant-based supplements, major dietary changes, external detox therapies, personal-care product changes plus a switch to high pH water.

Within 7-10 days of starting this regiment, my body went into full detox mode. I excreted a black liquid via vomiting and bowel movements for 2 days, and for 3-4 days after that I sweated my bed out. When our body activates a detox, it can induce a fever as a defense mechanism to rid itself of toxins via heavy secretion sweats. The only way toxins are coming out of the body are sweat, urination and bowel movement. This is exactly what happened in my situation.

By June 2017, I was cleared for cancer and at 889 T-cells. I wasn’t ready to die. I had a life to live, accomplishments to achieve and a message of healing and prevention to share, I would later realize. I reset and rebuilt my immune system — something western medicine doesn’t do as part of any treatment regiment. I figured it out on my own, because if I hadn’t then I would be dead.

The reasons we need to detox our bodies is to feel better, lose weight, stay healthy, improve skin health and breath better. We can do this by staying hydrated with alkaline water, eating mostly plant-based foods, taking supplements to restore good gut flora and assisting with the breakdown and digestion of fats, proteins and sugars, as well as limiting meat intake, exercise and other key activities.

Detoxing is both an art and a process. Join me in this movement to help you, your family and friends find their way to back to health. You, like me and everyone else, deserve a better quality of life — one without health barriers.