It wasn't my lifelong dream to create a detox business...

there were greater forces at work


I’m brave, first and foremost, and that’s what it takes to navigate to new heights. I started working as a journalist during college then made my way into corporate marketing before going into business for myself as a holistic healthcare provider. This was after a near death experience in which I became my own health expert and healed myself with high-quality specialty supplements, plant-based eating, and detox therapies and modalities. Now, I help clients do the same – virtually. Book a consultation today at the link below.

I’m a plant-based virtual coach, certified live blood analyst & body detox specialist. I’m the owner and CEO of Detox Day Spa Nutritional Coaching, which offers a predominantly virtual coaching business model. Coaching plans are built around individual needs, but there are detox guides and meal plans available for purchase to more advanced users in this space.

Coaching engagements can last 30-120+ days depending on a person’s health barriers. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not seeing clients in-person, because I still am. I have a physical office location in Troy, Michigan, where I can perform services that require a client to be in-person, such as live blood analysis and DNA swab testing.

What my goal has always been was to grow a platform, where my own experience could benefit others. The self-care industry is expanding to include addressing health concerns before a doctor gets involved. From 2017-2021, I ran a brick-and-mortar detox spa and nutritional practice. Due to COVID and economic factors impacting my client base, I took the opportunity to go digital with my practice and relocate to Fort Lauderdale from the Detroit area.

My specialties include live blood analysis, DNA swab analysis, cellular-level health, mitochondria function and dysfunction, harmful cell debris like parasites and candida, heavy metal toxicity, MTHFR genetic mutations, and of course, detox and nutritional coaching.

I’m a former bio-tech industry marketing executive and medical practice consultant who received back-to-back HIV and cancer diagnoses in 2016 and 2017. I was left with 23 t-cells, the front-line defender in our white blood cell group, and a low body pH after treatments. I was given the option of chemo pills, and I researched and forged my own path of natural healing.

For more information, visit http://www.detoxdayspa.com.
To book a phone or virtual consultation, visit https://setmore.detoxdayspa.com.