FDA Disclaimer

FDA Disclaimer, Section 201(g)(1)

According to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, as amended, Section 201(g)(1), the term “DRUG” is defined to mean: Articles intended to use in the DIAGNOSIS, CURE, MITIGATION, TREATMENT or PREVENTION of disease. In other words, to “say” that a detox service, vitamin, mineral, trace element or amino acid will have any effect on disease or symptoms thereof, that particular service or nutrient then becomes a DRUG under the law as written. Therefore, be advised that the suggested detox or nutritional program is not intended as a primary therapy for any disease or symptom… but… is an adjunctive schedule of services or nutrients (food concentrates) provided solely to upgrade the quality of foods in the diet in order to supply good nutrition for supporting the physiological and bio-chemical processes of the human body.