Program Director of Internal Detox

Meet Dana Ramaiah

Dana Ramaiah is Detox Day Spa’s program director for internal detox. The centerpiece of the program are M&D Wellness Natural Weight Loss Supplements. M&D Wellness is a plant-based program designed for healthy and safe weight loss which offers superior and high-quality living source supplements enriched with more than 20 organic herbs and plants.

Dana’s approach is holistic and encompasses a customized 30- or 90-day program for clients, which includes M&D supplements, as well as dietary counseling and guidance. Dana performs a detailed consultation and customizes a supplement and diet plan based on needs of the individual.

Most diets consist of organic fruits, vegetables and proteins. The best part? There’s no calorie counting or need for exercise; however, if you do incorporate a light physical fitness routine, such as regular walking, you can lose more weight.

The best part? There are no chemicals, binders, stearates or animal products in M&D Wellness supplements.

Dana: In Her Own Words

In 1989, I was introduced to natural healing by my mother-in law. It aligned with the way I eat. As a child, my mother always educated us on eating healthy raw foods and insisted on a ban on fried food. When my bother-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer I embarked on a quest for an alternative natural remedy to chemotherapy.

I read numerous books and spent a lot of time researching on prevention and natural treatments for ailments and diseases through detoxification. In 2000, I took the first step towards a three-month total body cleanse program from natural therapy center based out of California. I was amazed at the results. I was reborn.

I decided to take the first flight to see my brother-in-law. Unfortunately, he chose chemotherapy. He passed away in less than 18 months. I stayed back in India for 6 months and convinced by sister to go on my own detox program. Within two months she lost 40 lbs. I also had a considerable number of followers. The word spread.

I have been over the moon and back looking for the right program. After tiresome research to find a suitable program locally I found a pure and wholesome weight loss program. I personally detoxed and lost over 25 lbs. in 40 days. We are offering this to you through M&D Wellness.