Detox Foot Baths

Treat yo’ feet, don’t cheat your feet.

The treatment is simple — you put your feet in warm salt water for 30 minutes with an electronic device spas call an array. Within 5-10 min., the water starts turning colors as the feet detox.

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Hey, do your feet feel like a ball and chain? Are they painful, tired and tender? Maybe swollen and tingling?

You’re feet hurt and you want relief.
We have a solution: An ionic detox foot bath.
Inflammation from the feet, knees and lower legs is a focus relief area.

Our clients come to us with issues that include gout/uric acid, sore/tender feet, circulation and more. 50% of Americans Experience Activity-Limiting Foot Pain, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

Our foot detox begins with a 15-min. machine foot massage to first open circulation up in the feet. Our massage device specialties include nephropathy, plantar fasciitis, air pressure and reflexology.

Next, put your feet in warm-hot water with a pinch of mineral salts. You are connected to the ionizer machine and an array device is as well, and the process starts with the release of charged ions into the water.

The ions are absorbed by the feet, forcing the release of heavy, metals, fats, acids and oils — destroying cell debris and clearing the lymphatic system. Most people’s feet feel lighter (like air) and deeply cleansed and refreshed. Throughout the process, you might feel a slight tingle in the feet, stomach, fingers or arms. Welcome to Detox!

Schedule an individual detox foot bath $35.99, a $55.99 couples’ foot bath or $59.99 a 30-min. detox foot bath and 30-min. essential oil and mineral salt soak.

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client success stories

When Donna Brown, who was referred by her friend, walked into the Spa it was painful for her to sit down and get back up. She gave our detox foot bath combo and live blood analysis a try. When she was done with the foot bath her knees popped, and she could properly bend them for the first time in awhile! Her Live Blood Analysis revealed she has bowel toxicity (IBS), which can be linked to joint pain and inflammation.

Samantha Lucas had gout and visceral fat; she destroyed both after completing our 35-Day Mini Cleanse Detox, which focuses on flushing the gut, liver and kidneys, while providing broad-based enzymatic support to each. The foot baths helped to pull inflammation from her feet within just a few sessions.

Melissa Bruno, a former nurse, decided to check us out when nothing was helping her severe gut and inflammation issues. After completing our 35-Day GI Support Program her gut health has improved and inflammation has reduced. Foot baths have consistently help reduce her inflammation.

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Additional Info

The ions then energize your cells, encouraging them to release any heavy metals, fat, acid, oil and other debris that have accumulated in your body throughout your life. The fat, particles and mucus you see in the water after treatment reflect wastes that have cleared out of your body during a session.

After the end of the procedure, the water is dark brown and filled with metal flakes. Many spas then consult a chart to determine which organs have been detoxed based on the color of the water (shown below).

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