December 2019 Promos!

Today is where your book begins, and the rest is still unwritten. The holidays are for health, so be sure to take advantage of these December promotions. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Call (248) 791-3936. Visit

  • 35-Day BIG Special! Purchase one program, get your second program half off. Programs include cellular analysis at the beginning and end, plant-based supplements, success guides, weekly 90-min. detoxes, alkaline water refills, biometric weigh-ins, coaching and access to a FB client support group (Total approximated value of $1,400, you pay $1,000 and split it between two people for $500 each!)
  • Detox Skin Deep! Purchase any 35-Day detox program for $500 or more and receive 1/2 off on a bundle of five microdermabrasion or dermaplaning facials (Total value of $1050, you pay $775).
  • Heat Your Feet! Purchase and pre-pay for five detox foot bath combos (reflexology machine foot massage plus ionic detox foot bath) and save (Total value of $180, you pay $145).
  • Beat the Sleet! Purchase and pre-pay for five 30-min. infrared sauna sessions and receive $25 off your package, five ionized alkaline flushes PLUS a free niacin supplement for a more effective sweat out. (Total value of $270, you pay $200).