Couples Cleanse Specials


Summer is over, which means no more food and drink temptations while attending weddings, graduation parties or catching rays on the water.

Fall is here, and detox season has arrived. Get a holistic health assessment and analysis with you and your boo to determine the toxins that exist in your body, and then have a “detoxether” experience.

After completing a detox expect to have more energy, better digestion, regular urination and bowel movements, more focus and overall better quality of life. Weight loss can also be a side benefit. View our “Client Testimonial” playlist below:

Fall specials (valid through Oct. 31):

Couples Cleanse – GI Support ($750 total, per couple) includes:

    • 30-Day supply of organic whole food, plant-based, cold-pressed supplements to flush your gut, liver & kidneys
    • Cellular-level assessment and live blood analysis (before and after cleanse)
    • Dietary and lifestyle guide, and access to FB client support group for recipes, etc.
    • Two alkaline water refills, and coaching sessions with biometric weigh-in’s
    • External detox regiment utilizing ionic methods via foot baths and infrared ones via sauna (two sessions – beginning & end)
    • BONUS: Choose one of the following for FREE – 30-day supply of weight-loss enzymes, proteolytic enzymes for inflammation or bacterial-fungal-parasitic flush

Schedule your couples detox today. Call (248) 791-3936, or book online below (Book “$50 Couples Consultation – GI Support” for this option):

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Couples Assessment & Express Detox ($150 total, per couple) includes:

  • 15-min. machine foot massage
  • 30-min. ionic detox foot bath
  • 15-min. high-pressure/heated water bed massage
  • 15-min. infrared sauna session
  • 2.5 gallon of alkaline water each
  • Assessment includes body pH test and live blood analyses

Schedule your couples detox today. Call (248) 791-3936, or book online below:

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