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Market Problem-Opportunity

  • Rising healthcare costs are a burden to employees and employers.
  • Companies now need to generate millions more in additional profit to cover the medication costs for employees.
  • This may not be the answer. The Journal for American Medication Association (JAMA) has found in recent years that a dietary approach is as effective at treating chronic illness and cancer as medications.
  • Current preventative strategies in place, like corporate wellness program, are ineffective.
  • The current wellness program model is not being implemented properly (if at all).
  • There’s no integration into daily routine onsite, at work or in the home environment.
  • The goal to transform a culture is there, but effort, resources and implementation plans are lacking.
  • Cafeterias, vending machines, drinking fountain filtration, ventilation systems and more are outdating.
  • All of this and more is contributing to an unmotivated employee approach to health and wellness.

The Detox Solution

  • A simple program that offer employees realistic incentives and integrations into their daily routines.
  • A three-year, phased implementation plan to transform corporate culture starting from the top down.
  • A comprehensive plan to upgrade and advance facilities, such as vending machines and cafeterias.
  • Launch and introduce an employee wellness program that provides real-time visibility into individual employee health issues on a cellular-level.
  • Culture assessment and analysis before launch, and program management after implementation.


  • Pilot phase (3-6 mos.) – 10-20 employees, including executive champion, will go through the 35-day detox program and maintenance coaching; assess and survey; plan for budget and resources.
  • Phase / Year 1 – Implement the program on a larger scale (50-100 employees per quarter); begin planning for upgrade and advancement of facilities.
  • Phase / Year 2 – Continue implementation of the program (100-250 employees per quarter); implement planning and upgrade/advancement of facilities
  • Phase / Year 3 – Provide assessment of program; work with HR to create a specialized role and team to manage the program going forward.

Budget Estimate

  • Total program cost – $660,000
    • Pilot program cost – $80,000
    • Program manager – $230,000
    • Upgrade & advance – $150,000
    • Program supplements & supplies – $200,000
    • Marketing agency support – $75,000

35-Day Detox Client Results

Competitive Analysis

Current competition, like Alfye Wellbeing Strategies, BSDI, Mayo Clinic and others, are predominantly wellness platforms that are unengaging, un-managed and under-utilized.

Key reasons these platforms are unsuccessful:

  • Activity vs. results-oriented wellness efforts
  • Overly complicated programming (simpler is better)
  • Incentives that use “club-over-the-head” approach rather than a “dangling carrot” 
  • Little-to-no leadership engagement and support
  • Failure to create a health promoting culture and environment
  • Incentivizing the wrong things
  • Poor program communications
  • Spouses and significant others aren’t included in efforts
  • No wellness committee 
  • Program kept in a silo, lack of integration into key internal communications and programs

Detox Differentiators

  • Live blood analysis. Employees see their blood live in a computer screen – for many this is the first time ever they’ve seen the intricacies of their blood.
  • Executive coaching that starts with a live blood analysis and continues with weekly check-in’s and biometric weigh-in’s.
  • A part-time program coordinating implementation, resources and reporting.
  • Executive video dairy and blogs to inform and motivate other employees.
  • External detox program offerings – either onsite or offsite.
  • Employee resource portal with how-to support, diet/lifestyle guide, videos, FAQ’s and more.
  • Non-toxic smoking cessation program for employees with a nicotine addiction.

Business Overview

Detox Day Spa is a first-of-its-kind concept that starts with a cellular-level analysis to assess absorption of proteins, fats and sugars, presence of uric acid and toxic bowel crystals, as well as bacteria, parasites and fungus via a finger drop of blood under a high-powered microscope. 

Detox Day Spa offers 35-Day Detox programs built around cellular analyses to flush the body, reset and rebuild the immune system utilizing external detox methods (ionic & infrared), plant-based dietary changes and supplements, and biometric technology. 

Spa founder Anthony Martinez Beven is a former bio-tech industry marketing executive and medical practice consultant who modeled the Spa’s 35-Day programs after his own experience. He received back-to-back HIV and cancer diagnoses, and was left with 23 t-cells, the front-line defender in our white blood cell group, and a low body pH after treatments. He was given the option of chemo pills, and Beven researched and forged his own path of natural healing.

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