Wellness Provider Coaching

Anthony is a homeopathic expert, so he understands how to identify the root cause and provide solutions to healing. He gets healing on all levels – body, mind and soul – from the dual perspective of both patient and provider. 
But, did you know that he’s also a former Fortune 500 marketing executive with several years of experience building brands through strategic external marketing efforts and internal employee and customer activation initiatives? 
Whether you are an osteopathic doctor, naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, nutritionist, personal trainer, life coach, massage therapist, yoga instructor – he can help you properly brand yourself and business in a way that improves patient outcomes, while maximizing profit. Your program can be customized, or you can purchase a license to Anthony’s trademarked Chronic Illness Protocol, which includes marketing materials.
Anthony has diverse and in-depth experience in brand identity and messaging, digital marketing, event marketing, public relations and customer lifecycle and retention through funnel marketing efforts. Review his LinkedIn Profile  for more information on his successes. 
Purchase a license for use and promotion of The Chronic Illness Protocol. There are multiple ways to work with Anthony, including:
  • Option A. Comprehensive rebrand and funnel marketing packages inclusive of digital/social media marketing, PR, events and thought leadership content, such as blogs and e-books, that can be branded to you and cutting-edge wholesale detox, nutritional and supplement programs.
  • Option B. Digital/social media marketing and events strategy in support of an established brand that doesn’t require a brand overhaul.
  • Option C. Thought leadership and wholesale detox, nutritional and supplement program in support of an established brand that doesn’t require a brand overhaul.
  • Option D. PR and influencer marketing strategy and consultation for a brand that doesn’t require an overhaul. Anthony, a social media health/wellness influencer with more than 100,000 collective social media followers, can help establish you as health/wellness influencer, help you get recognized by a larger audience through influencer marketing or a combined strategy for both.

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Corporate Employee Wellness Program

The average employee is overwhelmed with professional responsibilities and personal commitments. Stress and lack of work-life-balance negatively contribute to personal health. This directly impacts productivity and morale. Both are critical to an effective and optimal workforce.

Let Detox Day Spa’s B2B program, The Chronic Illness Protocol, help to improve your employee’s health outcomes, and reduce company health plan costs through our strategic employee wellness program. Furthermore, if you wanted a individualized approach, please see our Client Programs

The average premium for family coverage is $1,462 per month or $17,545 per year (source). These amounts are generally split by the employer and employee. On average, employers pay: $5,179 annually (83 percent of the premium) to cover a single employee.

According to the 2014 Employer Health Benefits Survey, annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage reached $16,834 that year, up 3 percent from the previous year, with workers on average paying $4,823 towards the cost of their coverage.

Getting started

  • We start with an assessment to gauge where things are at, and where they need to be. This includes working with the Benefits dept. to obtain data on employee health insurance costs, identifying the highest health risk employees.
  • Next is evaluation. This includes employee surveys and targeted focus groups of employees.
  • This also includes administering DNA swab to the highest risk employees and onboarding them to the nutritional program and identifying their custom supplement protocol.
  • Cost can be incorporated into this program, or employees can pay individually for the DNA swab kits/reports and supplement protocols using FSA or HSA. We can administer the swab kits and send them to the lab for analysis.
  • After this, a customized wellness program is put into place based on internal benefits data, survey responses and focus groups.
  • The wellness program will include an online component, step-by-step instruction for how employees can make changes to their daily routine to improve their health. Employees can pay for the swab kits/reports and supplement protocols directly through us.
  • The program will be reinforced with weekly group coaching sessions, as well as executive and employee feedback to see what worked and what didn’t work.
  • The finalized program will be implemented companywide in a phased approach.
  • Annually, the program will be assessed for improvements and successes via surveys, benefits data and focus group feedback.

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