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WHAT’S THE REAL PROBLEM? HONESTLY, IT’S INACTION & cell debris like candida & parasites inside our bodies causing health issues. I can help.


Stop making excuses. Stop wasting your own time. If you’ve landed here, some how, some way it’s OK to leave and come back when you’re ready. And, you’ll know when you’re ready to make the necessary changes for your own health to allow you to detox your body to reverse years of damage from toxic food, water, personal-care products, cookware and environmental factors.

For many it takes a health crisis to stop and restart their lives. It’s hard to give up the sugar-filled coffee addiction, day-in and day-out throughout the day; overconsumption of meat, processed and packaged foods; and don’t forget the daily use of toxic makeup, lotions and deodorants. For years, we toxify our bodies, because we don’t have to the time for change or we don’t believe change is needed — until it is.

The top issue Americans’ face is being overweight and obese. Nearly 50% of Americans fall into this category, and with that type of lifestyle comes other serious health problems that impede quality of life, including high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease and more. Then there’s what you don’t probably know about mold and fungal infections inside people’s bodies. Also, parasites, heavy metals, uric acid and other things that shouldn’t be inside our bodies are causing cellular-level dysfunction. Did you know that 80% of Americans have a parasitic infection?

Highly dangerous Cryptococcus fungi love sugar and will consume it anywhere because it helps them reproduce. In particular, they thrive on a sugar called inositol which is abundant in the human brain and spinal cord. Nearly a billion people are estimated to have skin, nail and hair fungal infections, many 10’s of millions mucosal candidiasis and more than 150 million people have serious fungal diseases, which have a major impact on their lives or are fatal, according to the National Institutes of Health library of medicine. Severity ranges from asymptomatic-mild mucocutaneous infections to potentially life-threatening systemic infections.

As mentioned before, when people get sick, other illnesses come along with that making the healing process more intensive and longer than if preventative detox, nutrition and supplement measures were implemented prior. Cancer is a slow-growing disease that feeds on sugar (hint, hint). According to cancer.org, estimated numbers of new cancer cases and deaths in 2022 (In 2022, there will be an estimated 1.9 million new cancer cases diagnosed and 609,360 cancer deaths in the United States.)

And, stop thinking you can flush your body, reset and reboot your immune system on your own. You can’t. You’ll need to take college-level human anatomy courses, biology courses, obtain nutritional certifications in diet and supplements, learn through trial-and-error and more. You’ll spend years and countless resources obtaining puzzle pieces you don’t know how to put together. Your ego isn’t more important than your health.

This is a lifestyle change program — not a diet or weight-loss program (although weight loss is a great side benefit). Prospective clients have to want change in their eating habits, personal-care products and overall approach to life. Our 35-Day programs are a full-body flush, reset and rebuild that addresses dysfunction at every level, from the gut to liver and kidneys. Programs are not specific to any one dysfunction. They work to resolve any issue, although many times clients are experiencing several cellular-level issues at the same time.

About Me

I’m Anthony Beven, a certified live blood analyst and nutritional detox coach. I have a double BA, and have taken graduate-level coursework in gastrointestinal physiology and client evaluation. I detoxed my own body after back-to-back HIV and diagnoses. I’ve been doing this for several years. I have helped thousands of clients utilizing nutritional detoxing coaching knowledge, techniques and protocols. I’m top-rated on Google and Facebook reviews. I’ve been featured on national T.V., radio and on news websites. 

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So here’s what I do… I bring everything back to the basics for you, and take a structured approach to detox using plant-based or vegan nutrition, body/cellular detox and whole-food, cold-pressed supplements to help accelerate healing for yourself. Depending on the plan you choose, you will execute everything on your own, or incorporate coaching options with me for additional cost.

  • Start with the gut/digestive system, where 70-80% of your immunity resides and absorption of food we consume occurs (or should).
  • Remove inflammation in key areas like the accessory organs — the liver, gallbladder and pancreas — which are responsible for enzyme production, functionality and release.
  • Enzymes help us to digest and absorb food properly. When we eat trash food, it causes these organs to go into inflammation and impacts how well they work if at all anymore.
  • Restore mineral deficiency (they are cofactors for enzymes). Together with enzymes, Minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium and others are the key to get all of the biochemical processes started inside our body. Without these, it’s like dead calm inside of our body — nothing’s happening as it should.
  • Eliminate harmful cell debris like Candida/fungus, parasites, uric acid buildup, heavy metals living inside out bodies and feeding off us.



I BUILD IT, YOU EXECUTE IT – OPTION A ($200) – I provide a documented 35-day plan with everything you’ll need to detox your body, including foods/diet, supplements, detox therapies, etc. The plan will address each of the issues found via a phone or virtual consultation. If you’re local to South Florida then a live blood analysis can be conducted to identify your cellular-level issues.
I BUILD IT & EXECUTE IT TOGETHER – OPTION B ($375) – I provide a documented plan with everything you’ll need to detox your body, including foods/diet, supplements, detox therapies, etc. The plan will address each of the issues from a phone or virtual consultation for a period of 35 days. We execute the plan together with biweekly check-in’s for diet. Each check-in is 25-min. With this option you’ll receive meal plans, a program guide, a shopper guide and general supplement guide.
BEST VALUE – OPTION C ($750) – I provide a document that we execute together with weekly check-in’s inclusive of everything you’ll need to detox your body, including foods/diet, supplements, detox therapies, etc. The plan will address each of the issues discovered via a phone or virtual consultation. We execute the plan together with weekly check-in’s. Each check-in is 45-min. In addition, you are provided with my step-by-step master detox guide, my cancer detox & 13 guides across various topics, including lifestyle, grocery shopping, supplements, juicing recipes, essential oils, meal plans (plant-based and vegan), how and when to take supplements, viruses 101 and enzyme e-book.


Upon completion of our 35-Day programs clients have reported resolution of diabetes II, digestive issues, joint pain and inflammation, weight issues, hormonal imbalances and energy issues. Clients have also gotten off medication, saved on grocery bills and refocused their lives. This program is for those who are serious about change. The results are real if you put forth the required effort. You will be given the tools, resources and roadmap to make sustainable change in your life, so utilize them well.


Vegan – This program cuts meat, dairy, processed food and sugars, breads and pastas; leaving you with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, etc. 

80/20 – Same as above, but you can keep only lean meats in your diet, including turkey, chicken and fish. There’s no red meat, pork or sushi allowed.

In either option you will follow rhythmic-style eating:

  • 5 AM-Noon: You eat only fruits. Eat a variety and as much as you want, but only fruits are consumed.
  • Noon-4 PM: You eat salads, raw/uncooked vegetables as snacks.
  • 4-8 PM: You can eat nuts, grains, steamed vegetables. You won’t consume food past 8 PM.

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