Women affected by candida, causing stomach, thyroid & other health issues

The most common health issue affecting women today is candidiasis, or yeast overgrowth. “It can impact the stomach, thyroid and female reproductive organ issues, which can ultimately lead to surgical intervention,” according to Certified Live Blood Analyst & Detox Specialist Anthony Beven of Detox Day Spa in Lake Orion, Mich.

Candida can express as a sinus infection, thrush, severe stomach bloat (particularly after eating or drinking liquids even such as water), yeast infections, rashes underneath the armpits or other parts of the body. Candida can also combine with staph infections and eat through the skin quickly; this can be associated with a severe form of psoriasis.

Invasive candidiasis is a common healthcare-associated infection: it’s estimated that approximately 46,000 cases of healthcare-associated invasive candidiasis occur each year in the United States, according to the CDC. Candidemia, the most common form of invasive candidiasis, is one of the most common bloodstream infections in the United States.

Candida feeds on processed sugar, but when that isn’t present in the body it will feed on B6 and folate — two key nutrients required for hormonal regularity, Beven said. “When women aren’t careful with diet they can unknowingly feed it,” he said.

The recommended protocol for a candida purge is a sugar flush to get rid of its food source, and then an anti-fungal oral blend, structured silver liquid and gel, and an essential oil roller blend, Beven said.

If women have MTHFR genetic mutations or defects that can make the detox process a bit more complicated. “This means the body won’t detox properly on its own, so you have to manually force it with detox activities like ionic foot baths or infrared sauna sessions,” Beven said.

Candida is invasive and spreads easily, according to a recent New York Times Article. “It can go between couples,” Beven said. “Mothers can pass it on during the gestation period, so children can be born with it. Mothers and daughters often come together when they see me.”

More importantly, the New York Times article notes, Candida is “so tenacious” due to its resistance to many drugs used to treat it, such as the commonly prescribed flagyl.


Julie Park Brown’s stomach is finally out of distress now that she completed her 35-Day Mini-Cleanse Detox – plus she’s down 12 lbs. and keeping it off. No matter how hard she tried, or where she went to get answers for her stomach bloat, she wasn’t getting any resolution. After a live blood analysis, it revealed that Julie had clumping of red blood cells (this means she wasn’t digesting protein), red crystals (a sign of bowel toxicity or leaky gut), uric acid crystals (the cause of her inflammation), and sugar bacteria and yeast, which caused her bloat. “I was in pain around my mid-section – a lot,” Brown said. “Within the first two weeks I felt almost immediately less bloated… Now, there is no bloat.”

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