Chris Ballance came to the Detox Day Spa in October 2017 with one primary concern — getting a pre-diabetic condition under control — and that included cravings and weight management.

We tell everyone that comes to the Spa that this isn’t a diet program, rather it’s a lifestyle realignment. You’ll change your mindset toward food, such as which foods actually contain SUSTAINABLE & ENZYMATIC protein (i.e. leafy greens); AVOIDING dairy products that create mucus in the body, as well as processed sugars (i.e. breads and “fruit” juices); what and when to eat certain foods (i.e. focusing on solely fruit in the morning); and removing toxic personal care products from your daily routine like many popular mainstream brand deodorants, fragrances and lotions — all of which contain heavy metals that are corrosive to our bodies.

Chris has made these key changes in his life, resulting in a 39.6 lb. weight loss from October to January. He is happier, feels healthier and most important, he is more educated, informed and empowered to stick with this new lifestyle he has learned.

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