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“Good morning Anthony. Hey wanted you to know that John and I went for our blood draw on Thursday, waiting to hear about John’s but my lipid panel was awesome. All numbers improved. My biggest was my cholesterol which in 12 weeks came down 10 points, 217 to 210, and everything else is in the normal range. My a1c changed to the better, too. It was in the normal range before and even better now. My doctor is very pleased. Also have continued to lose weight, and on Wednesday of this week I’d lost another 1.5 pounds. Will let you know about John. Warm regards, Sue Dankovich.”


“Hi Anthony. Hope you had a great Christmas. John’s a1c results came back he was at a 6.8 and is now 6.2, so bummed they wouldn’t do a lipid panel; but he will get one done after the 1st of the year. We tried a bit of tenderloin over the holidays, less than 6 oz. for John and about 4 for me. We both said no thank you. John tried chicken and same thing. We are going to stay mainly plant based with occasional fish and eggs. Cant wait to have a shake in the morning! Back home from vacation and we both did pretty well!”