Jerry and Julie Dagonais came to Detox Day Spa because of their daughter Tiffani, who was having pretty bad stomach bloat caused by uric acid crystals, L-Form bacteria and fungal/yeast forms (revealed after a live blood analysis). Jer and Julie opted to complete a 35-Day Detox Mini-Cleanse program with Tiff.

Tiff’s issues resolved within weeks after a few external detox sessions, which include reflexology machine foot massage, ionic detox foot baths, high-pressured/heated HydroMassage and infrared sauna; as well as dietary changes and our 100% whole food, plant-based, cold-pressed supplements with enzyme blends and structured silver (similar to colloidal silver but better).

Prior to the detox, Jer was experiencing bloating/indigestion/gas, over-eating, joint paint, muscle cramps and lack of concentraction. Julie was also experiencing bloating/indigestion/gas, constipation, sugar cravings and joint pain. After completing their couples detox, Jer and Julie lost a lot of weight, along with visceral fat that wouldn’t budge no matter what they did.

“It’s almost like a lightness, like you’re a little bit younger,” Julie said after completing her detox. She said she would continue to incorporate vegetables and some fruits into her diet as part of her 80-20 rule. Jer reached his weight goal and lost his gut. He said, “A lot of clothes don’t fit anymore — that’s a good thing — I’m trending downwards.”

Both Jer and Julie plan to stick to an 80% plant-based foods (40% raw and 40% cooked) and 20% lean meats like organic turkey and fishs with limited chicken and periodic 8-10 pieces of red meat and complete elimination of pork — a garbage animal that does not sweat, so the meat retains a lot of toxicity. As part of this diet, intermittent fasting is key for accelerated metabolic process.

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