Nurse Rose Ciaravino is prepping her diabetes for discharge! Rose Ciaravino is an experienced nurse, and she knows the benefits of western medicine. Like a growing number of people, she also understands the drawbacks, which include medications that either mask symptoms or don’t address them at all.

Rose was diagnosed with Type II diabetes about a year and a half ago. “I just never felt right. I never had energy.. I just knew there was something not right with my body. The medications didn’t make my body seem to feel better,” Rose said. “I knew I wanted to try an alternative type of program.”

Rose recently completed our 35-Day Mini-Cleanse Detox and a maintenance program. Her results include more energy and a lot of weight loss. Most important, she is improving her diabetic health markers. Before starting the program, Rose’s A1c was 5.8, and now it’s 5.2.

“The doctor said if we can drop to the mid 4.0 range I wouldn’t be considered diabetic anymore… Originally, it was as high as 12, a result of a steroid injection,” Rose said.

A1c measures the amount of hemoglobin in the blood that has glucose attached to it. Hemoglobin is a protein found inside red blood cells that carries oxygen to the body. Hemoglobin cells are constantly dying and regenerating. Their lifespan is approximately three months.

A1C tests measures the glucose (blood sugar) in your blood by assessing the amount of what’s called glycated hemoglobin. An A1C level below 5.7 percent is considered high-normal. An A1C between 5.7 and 6.4 percent signals pre-diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed when the A1C is over 6.5 percent.

After a recent doctor’s visit, she was taken off one of her three diabetes medications — one down and two to go! “This made me feel so much better. This is helping my body to regulate and start taking care of itself,” Rose said of her ongoing detox program.

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