Cindy Carson looks good and feels even better. She was having pretty bad back pain, and she went to the chiropractor it wasn’t getting better. Brain fog and bloat were also issues she was experiencing.

She completed the 35-Day Mini-Cleanse Detox, which flushes the gut, liver and kidneys while bringing up body pH. Lower body pH signals an acidic body environment where disease can flourish. Higher body pH (7.3/7.5 to 9) is ideal and disease can not survive.

“I feel awesome. I feel so much better. I lost some weight in the process of all this. Every week I come in here and do the spa services, and it makes me feel amazing like I’m walking on a cloud,” Cindy said. She completely changed her diet by removing meat and sugars. “That’s made a huge difference,” she said. “I’ve wiped all that out of my diet…I didn’t realize how dehydrated I was.”

Alkaline water molecules are smaller and easier to access through the cell wall to oxygenize and hydrate the cell. The 35-day programs include weekly alkaline water flushes to remove toxins through urination and bowel movement. Would she recommend the program to others? “Absolutely. I’ve been telling all my friends; I think it works.”

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