Stacey Glowacki’s dream meal before coming to the Spa was coffee from Starbucks, a chicken chimichanga with rice and a strawberry shortcake for dessert. Coffee is acidic, there’s toxic gluten in the flour tortilla and rice and way too much sugar in the dessert.

Today, Stacey has more energy and is gluten-free and sugar-free, but there’s more — her stomach bloat is gone, her bowel is regular, she’s down to her target weight and her sugar cravings are non-existent. She recently completed our 35-Day Mini-Cleanse Detox (a gut, liver and kidneys flush) with add-on flushes for bacteria, fungus, parasites, inflammation and sugar.

The cause of her bloat was yeast overgrowth, also known as candida, which FEEDS on SUGAR. The parasites were also contributing to her bloat and causing her fatigue. L-Form, or sugar bacteria, was causing her constipation. All three of these buggers were asborbing the nutrients Stacey was putting back into her body.

The 35-Day Detox Stacey completed started with a live blood analysis to identify cellular-level digestion issues, as well as cell debris (bacteria, fungus, parasites). The program includes a nutraceutical regiment of 100% whole food, plant-based supplements, weekly external detox activities, onsite coaching and alkaline water refills, biometric weigh-in’s to check for protein and water absoprtion, take-home lifestyle & vegan-vegetarian guide and biometric progress report at the end.

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