Dave Dewar, who recently completed our 35-Day Mini-Cleanse Detox and add-on bacteria-fungal-parasitic-sugar-inflammation flush, is an engineer by trade; so of course, he likes to know how things work.

Dave’s live blood analysis revealed that he wasn’t digesting or absorbing protein, fats or sugars — bacteria, fungus and parasites were doing that on his behalf! In addition, he had problematic joint pain caused by uric acid.

The favorite part of the program for Dave, he said, was the live blood analysis at the beginning and end. This offered the ability to see his cells and cell debris live on a computer screen — taking out the guess work on his program recommendations. This allowed him to track before-and-after progress.

Today, many of Dave’s health obstacles have resolved plus he tightened up his stomach area — an added bonus! Now, he is moving into Phase 3 (Retain & Sustain) of our Full Body Protocol.

This phase includes supplements that reactivate and synthesize the mitochondrial function (the brain/powerhouse) in our cells, which controls energy input and output via nutrient absorption; an omega for his heart, joints and brain; and the only time-release probiotic on the market which hits the stomach, mid-GI and lower GI for broad-based support.

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