Julie Park Brown stomach is finally out of distress now that she completed her 35-Day Mini-Cleanse Detox.

No matter how hard she tried, or where she went to get answers for her stomach bloat, she wasn’t getting any resolution. She went to the ER, fitness boot camps — nothing helped her overcome her stomach issues and inflammation.

“I was having belly issues. I was eating, working out, and nothing was happening. I was in pain around my mid-section — a lot,” she said.

After a live blood analysis, it revealed that Julie had clumping of red blood cells (this means she wasn’t digesting protein), red crystals (a sign of bowel toxicity or leaky gut), uric acid crystals (the cause of her inflammation), sugar bacteria and yeast, which caused her bloat. Julie’s body pH went from 5.5 to an 8.

“It was amazing,” she said of her detox. “Within the first two weeks, I started feeling less bloated. Now, we are at Day 35, and I feel amazing.”

What sets this program apart? “The live blood analysis,” she said. “Noboby else checks blood. Nobody is going to look at blood.”

Would she recommend this program to others? “100% percent. If anyone is having any type of ailments, there is so much you can (see) from looking at the blood.”

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