Five Reasons to Stop Drinking Pop/Soda

A 2012 Gallup poll reveals that 48 percent of surveyed Americans — nearly half! — drink pop/soda on a daily basis. What’s more, among those who drank soda, the average daily intake was 2.6 glasses per day.

Sugary drinks are one of the primary sources of added sugars in U.S. diets and have been associated with a range of negative health outcomes.

Here are the top five reasons to stop drinking soda:

#1 BPAs – Most pop/soda cans are actually lined with plastics that contain BPA, a known carcinogen.

#2 Caramel coloring – The chemicals used to give many pops/sodas their color are known to cause cancer.

#3 Risk for Diabetes – Pop/soda can increase your risk of developing insulin resistance, and eventually, Type II diabetes.

#4 Risk for Heart Attacks – Studies show drinking pop/soda can increase heart attack risks by 20 percent.

#5 Bad for your Bones – Studies show frequently consuming pop/soda correlates with lower bone mineral density.