Last Minute Gift Ideas from Detox Day Spa

This is for the Busy Shopper

OK, we all know that last minute shopping is the bane of almost every single person’s existence right now. We are all busy. We barely have time to feed and clothe ourselves let alone our families. Yet we still want to surprise and delight our family and friends with a gift that is unique and thoughtful.

We’ve got that. Here’s what we’re talking:

$64.99 express spa combo sampler (for men or women) – This includes a 15-minute machine foot massage, 30-min. detox foot bath, 15-min. high-pressured/heated water massage and 15-min. infrared sauna; plus nutrient replacement and 2.5 gallon of alkaline water for the flush and hydration portion of the detox treatment.

$17.50 (reg. $25) Wake Up & Feel Good Essential Oil Palm Applicator – This wild orange & peppermint mix smells amazing. You apply it to the palm of the hand, rub your hands together and cuff both hands over your nose and mouth and take three deep breathes in. It opens up the airways with a burst of citrus energy. This is a great stocking stuffer.

$27 (reg. $30) Essential Oil Starter Kit – Another great stocking stuffer! The kit includes 5 mL bottles of lavender, lemon and peppermint as well as a list of suggested uses for each oil (we only have three left!).

Half Off Holiday Gift Baskets – We have 2 baskets for couples ($199.99 per basket) and 2 for women ($99.99 per basket) and 3 for men ($99.99 per basket). Baskets include a treasure trove of non-toxic personal care items, salt lamps (women only) or alkaline water (men only). All come with $50 gift certificates.

Detoxifying Skincare Packages

Vitamin C Set (SOLD OUT) – Will be back after the holidays!

Skin Renewal Set ($100) – Gently exfoliate the skin and draw out impurities then rejuvenate skin tone and texture with this synergistic blend of eight nourishing botanical blends and more! Includes renewing polisher scrub, refining masque and rejuvenating oil complex.

Eye Renewal Set ($95) – Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness while moisturizing and hydrating! Includes eye cream complex and eye serum.

The Facial Hydration Set ($95) – Drench your skin in natural moisturizers, rich oils and butters that protect skin’s moisture barrier as they deeply hydrate! Includes intense hydration moisturizing cream, hydrating mist and hydrating serum.

Stop in to purchase a gift card or the stocking stuffer items. We are located at 3755 South Baldwin Road a mile from the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets.