Full-Body Detox & Immunity Defense

Activate. Flush. Hydrate.

No one tells us to $ave for cancer, which is actually a fungus, or other costly yet preventable illnesses… but we can heal our own bodies.

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Our Team of Healers at Detox Day Spa — led by spa owner Anthony who cured himself of cancer using holistic treatment methods and detoxing — have helped relieve chronic pain and remove toxins in clients’ bodies from sports injuries, gut disorders, damage from illegal and prescribed drug use, cancer treatments (after not during), plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, sciatica, fibromyalgia and more. For the face, our treatments have helped reduce and minimize the effects of severe acne, dry skin and more.

Our core offerings include:

We also offer a la carte services for specific health ailments for either foot or back issues. In addition, we sell fresh filtered ALKALINE water  by the gallon and non-toxic personal care products.

SPA Overview

Here at Detox Day Spa, we aren’t fancy. We break it down to the basics. Inflammation is the precursor to infection. The longer infection sits in the body the better the opportunity it has to turn to cancer or chronic illness. Our concept is rooted in Eastern Medicine, which has been successful and preventative for people in Eastern parts of the world for centuries.

There are toxic ingredients in our water, food, soft drinks and personal care products. These same ingredients are banned in almost every other country except the United States. For example, the European version of the U.S. FDA bans 1,300 toxic ingredients in personal care products, while we ban zero.

The biggest offender is our deodorant. Many popular brands contain aluminum and shut off our sweat glands in our armpits, keeping them from expelling toxins in our bodies.

Our Approach

At the Spa, we work to reduce inflammation through machine massage. We have foot machine massages for neuropathy, plantar fasciitis and reflexology. We also have our full-body machine massage, which applies high-pressured/heated water from head to toe.

After the circulation has been opened up and toxins in the body have been loosened, we will extract them. The areas of the body we can pull toxins from include the feet, the armpits and the face. Read more Here.

We also offer internal detox programs, which are 100 percent live, organic and plant-based. There are no chemicals, supplements or animal products included. The program incorporates energy supplements, a kidney and intestinal cleanse, essential nutrients, multi-vitamins and minerals plus weight-loss supplements (if required). Read more Here.

2018 Detroit Detox/Weight Loss Challenge

In addition to everyone’s body chemistry being different, there are outside factors that are making it difficult to slow the weight gain for people or just feel less fatigued if weight isn’t as big of a concern. It’s time to change the narrative. It’s time to unchain from pain caused from chronic illness, cancer or weight gain. Here’s the deal… We will pay you to lose weight. Read more Here.

Our Location

Call us or come visit us today. We are located just past the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets on Baldwin Road and directly across from the Great Lakes Athletic Club.

Detox Day Spa
3755 South Baldwin Road
Orion Township MI 48359
(248) 791-3936

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