Full-Body Detox & Immunity Defense

Accelerate with us to whole body health at the cellular-level.

Flush your body. Reset & rebuild your immunity. Retain & sustain results. Most important: become your own health expert.

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Put aside specific health disorders. They mean nothing in the bigger picture. We are only made up of cells and energy. The human body is comprised of trillions of cells. They provide structure for the body; take in nutrients from food; convert those nutrients into energy; and carry out specialized functions. Issues have to be solved at the cellular and intra-cellular level to achieve long-term relief. We offer programs and services to help you get there.

Become your own health expert

Hello and welcome to the online space for Detox Day Spa. We are only made up of cells and energy. When we become sluggish or sick we should be seeking solutions on the cellular-level. At the Spa, we offer a few different paths: Holistic Assessment, External Detoxing, Supplements and Structured Wellness Programs for clients.

The Spa is led by cellular-level regeneration expert and biohacker Anthony Beven, who is a certified live blood analyst and detox specialist, as well as a former bio-tech executive and wellness consultant. The Spa’s main concept to flush the body, reset and rebuild the immune system has helped hundreds of clients since est. in 2017. The concept is based on Anthony’s personal experience after back-to-back HIV and cancer diagnosis and subsequent western medical treatments.

Anthony was left with 23 t-cells, our frontline defender in the immune system’s white blood cell group. He recharged and rebuilt his body using whole-food, plant-based and cold-pressed supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes, external detoxing and alkaline water. Today, he helps clients do the same.

Client issues range from MTHFR genetic defects, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cystic Fiborsis, HIV, Crohn’s Disease and more. General issues include cancer, candida overgrowth, high blood pressure, parasitic infection, chronic pain and inflammation, stomach bloat and bowel irregularity, energy and focus, and natural weight loss.

Clients often come to the Spa after working under the guidance and direction of other holistic practitioners, medical doctors or unsuccessful self-care therapies. After working with Cellular-Level Regeneration, Biohacker and Spa Owner Anthony, clients achieve success through structure and support utilizing established programs and protocols.

The mission is for you to become your own health expert; to rely less on western (“traditional”) medicine protocols and more on your instinct and “gut” feeling for treatment-related decisions. Review our Full-Body Protocol Here.

Our most popular service offerings include:

  • Nutritional Blood Work,¬†which is a live blood analysis that shows us the condition and health of your cells, as well as undigested proteins, fats, sugars, bacteria, fungus, parasites or presence of uric acid.
  • 35-Day Detox Programs – DeAcidify Starter, GI Support Program, Allergy-Buster Program, Mini-Cleanse, Feminine Support Program, Chronic Pain Detox (for joints & after surgeries) & Detox Diet.
  • 35-Day Flex Programs – If you’re not ready to jump in full-force try our Keto-Transition or Dessert Detox Programs, which transition to an 80/20 dietary lifestyle.
  • Microcurrent Detox Therapy – Utilize magnetic currents to detox specific parts of the body by opening up blood vessels to increase blood to areas of inflammation. By doing so, oxygen and nutrient distribution can occur to inflamed areas.
  • Our Combo Pricing – Try out any of external detox combos to help you save. Our most popular combo is our $85.99, 120-min. express spa package, which provides a sample of all external detox services, plus a live blood analysis.
  • Package Deals – Choose from any of our packages and save when you purchase six.

Concept overview

Here at Detox Day Spa, we aren’t fancy. We break it down to the basics. Inflammation is the precursor to infection. The longer infection sits in the body the better the opportunity it has to turn to cancer or chronic illness. Our concept is rooted in Eastern Medicine, which has been successful and preventative for people in Eastern parts of the world for centuries.

We are living in an age of immune suppression. The modern “Dark Ages,” if you will. Our body is overtaxed and overwhelmed with Toxins from every consumption possibility, including our food, water and personal care products. In a nutshell, our bodies are acidic (low pH) with little oxygen, which our cells need to thrive and survive. In an acidic body, oxidative stress rules.

Our Immunity

Approximately 80% of the immunity lives in the gut through gut flora, a complex community of microorganisms that live in the digestive tracts of humans. They need to be fed and cared for with not only with probiotics but prebiotics, which feed the probiotics.

When our guts are stripped of good flora, often through processed food with toxic additives, only bad bacteria is left in to overrun the gut. This can cause or contribute to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), celiac disease, crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, IBS or diverticulitis.

Toxic food additives are impacting our Liver and Kidneys, preventing the removal of toxins through urination and bowel movement. Not to mention that American diets are meat-based, equaling an acidic breakdown period of 10-30+ days per piece of meat depending on size and type.

All of this combined shuts down our methylation (or detox) pathways to and through our liver and kidneys, leaving toxins circulating in the body. The result is an acidic body environment (well below 7.5-9 body pH) where inflammation flourishes, and our cells are attacked and destroyed by oxidative stress.

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Our Location

Call us or come visit us today. We are located just past the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets on Baldwin Road and directly across from the Great Lakes Athletic Club.

Detox Day Spa
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